Employees at El Cimarron leaving coca production and fleeing violence to find stable wellpaid jobs int eh palm oil sector in peaceful Altillanura, Colombia


Colombians UPRA authorities has zonified 6-8 million ha for sustainable palm in Altillanura (green area)

Pilot of 650 ha palm on El Cimarron farm of norwgian owned prestige Colombia SAS on the treeless savannah Altillanura in Vichada, Colombia, only 50 meter belt of gallary forests along the rivers

Palm oil extraction mill at El Cimarron,

Transport of palm oil to marked from El Cimarron

Henrik Wiig, CEO of colombian registered trade comany C2Biotrade SAS coordinating colombian producers and international buyers

Drone picture of border between palm plantation and savannah during dry season, El Cimarron, Altillanura, Colombia

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